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Hyperion Robotics EUROBOT 2023 competition

The University of Western Macedonia’s robotics team is a distinguished team competing against international teams in autonomous robotics competitions. Their website showcases their achievements, including 1st place in the Greek National Robotics Competition in 2013. They also take part in international competitions like RoboCup, Eurobot, and more. Eurobot 2023 is a prestigious competition that encourages scientific and technological development, teamwork, and international collaboration among university robotics teams.

The team is a combination of undergraduate and graduate students, professors, and researchers from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. They work together to develop and advance their robots’ capabilities, including programming, mechanics, and sensing. The team also participates in outreach events to inspire and educate young students about robotics and STEM fields. This dedication to promoting robotics involvement and education is commendable.

The UOWM robotics team is a representation of drive, determination, and passion for the robotics field, showcasing the university’s commitment to promoting scientific advancement and research. They provide excellent opportunities for students to develop skills required for future careers and establish the university as a hub of robotics and STEM education. The team’s success and innovation have earned them respect and recognition globally, and they continue to be a force to be reckoned with in autonomous robotics competitions.

As a sponsor, we are proud to support the University of Western Macedonia’s robotics team and their innovative contributions to the field

The theme of this year’s competition was “Cherry on the Cake”. The two robots the team competed with, Nectar and Ambrose, names inspired by the delicacies of the goddesses of ancient Greece, were programmed to perform this year’s goals for maximum points. The main objective was to collect and sort discs, which were placed on the competition track in a tri-colored cake formation with a cherry on top.

Nectar and Ambrosia successfully passed the technical checks and competed in five rounds. Throughout the competition the team achieved 3 wins and scored a total of 126 points. As a result the team was ranked 19th out of 26 teams, achieving its best performance in the competition.