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Study for the improvement of conf. Amyntaio – Filota and Melitis station.

1. Strong and weak currents and fire detection for the Ministry of Central Athens and improvement of the power factor with the use of capacitors for the Ministry of Central Athens.

2. Electrical work on an accounting basis with SIEMENS (Contract 025/07)

3. Supply, installation, testing, commissioning of sewage pumping station automation system in Karyditsa, Kozani – pumping station automation A1 and A2 with control center, transponders and automatic SMS sending systems.

4. Electrical installation of medium and low voltage power of the Cement Mill 07 in the factory HALYPS CEMENT Aspropyrgos (CONTRACTOR SIEMENS SA)

5. Construction of a film bridge and a clinker transport chain in Milaki, Evia (CONTRACTOR INTRACAT SA)

6. Carrying out tele-signaling works at the “RIO – ANTIRIO” Bridge Consortium.

7. Erection of E / M equipment of KYT 400 KV at the HERON factory in Thebes.

8. Upgrading and expansion of biological treatment of Rethymnon – Supply and installation of electrical equipment, DEYAR, 2016-2017.

9. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of two 45MWth thermal power transmission systems per unit, contract ΔΜΚΘ-11135204, 2016.

10. Expansion of Chania wastewater treatment plant – Supply and installation of electrical equipment, DEYAX, 2015-2016.

11. Provision of specialized technical support services for transformers, switches and other high voltage equipment of the units of the Chania, Linoperama, Atherinolakko, Rhodes substations, contract ΔΥΠΠ-1511437, 2015-2016.

12. Technical cleaning services for ventilation / air conditioning systems and rainwater and sewage pumping systems. (ΤΔ-030/14), STASY SA, 2014-2016.

13. Supply and installation of copper cables.(ΤΔ-116/14), STASY SA, 2014-2015.

14. Erection of 400 Kv HERON, SIEMENS SA, 2008-2009.

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Jan. 2008 – Dec. 2017


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