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A.EKKENTRO LTD in the framework of its cooperation with INTRAKAT SA has undertaken and performs the Mechanical Construction of various Projects, namely:

Construction of components and execution of mechanical works in T / D equipment of the mines of LKDM in the lignite yard (contract 2020.112 / LKDM 2020)

1. Reconstruction, construction and erection of P / T head and other mechanical T / D equipment in the sector of conveyor belt collection of unit V of Ptolemaida substation (ERGOTEM contract DLYP 193 2020).

2. Construction / installation works, tests and commissioning of electrical equipment in the lignite plant Ptolemaida V (AKTOR contract 030/2020 2020)

3. Design, supply, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of two T / D branches by-products collection of unit V Ptolemaida V (INTRACAT, contract DLYP – 181, 2020)

4. Reconstruction, construction and erection of mechanical equipment for auxiliary ash industry at the junction of sector 7 of the mine south of the lignite center of Western Macedonia, (contract DKYOR-183, 2020)

5. Foundation of metal SILO 400m3 in unit iii of Agios Dimitrios substation, (contract 6400003216, 2020)

6. Reconstruction, construction and erection of mechanical equipment of the E5 excavation industry in sector 7 of the mine of the southern lignite field of the center of Western Macedonia, (contract DKYOR -185, 2020).

7. a) Design, supply, construction, installation, testing, and commissioning of electromechanical equipment in the facilities of the lignite yard unit V of Ptolemaida substation.
b) Design and construction of main Substation. (INTRAKAT, contract DLYP-180, 2020).

8. Mechanical upgrade works of KRUPP SchRs 600 excavator (K1265) of OPK (ERGOTEM, contract 2018.102 / LKDM, 2019).

9. Transformation, transport, erection and operation tests of one (1) promotional head, width B = 1200mm six (6) positions in the complex of the mine of Kardia LKDM (contract DKYOR-179, 2019)

10. Disconnection, transport and deposition of fly ash mill of Ptolemaida-LIPTOL substation. (Contract ΔΥΠΠ-1368, 2018)

11. New branch of ash collection conveyors of Agios Dimitrios substation, width B = 1800mm in LKDM (contract DMAOR 163, 2015-2019).

12. Repair and improvement works of the excavator E7 in the lignite yard of the Amyntaio – Filota substation (contract 6300005464, 2015).

13. Reconstruction and construction of a promotional head width B = 1800mm in the complex of the Kardia mine (contract DMAOR 162, 2014-2015).

14. Replacement of control cabins in excavators of the lignite center of Megalopolis (DMAOR contract 161, 2014).

15. Dismantling – transport and construction along conveyor equipment for the new S. Pedio mine junction section 1 (1st phase) (DMAOR contract 154, 2013-2014).

16. Construction and erection of conveyor equipment B = 2400mm for the new mine junction of S. Pedio sector 7 (contract DMAOR 150, 2013-2014).

17. Dismantling, transport, assembly and installation of T / D frames of KOPK (contract 2012.133 / LKDM, 2013-2014).

18. Repair of tension drum bearings and SCREEN DISC conveyor belt 1.2 of the Melitis substation (contract of the MES M 6728.2012.060, 2012).

19. Damage repair and upgrades to the excavators of the Amyntaio mine (contract 2010.181 / LKDM, 2011-2012).

20. Transfer, conversion and construction of a promotional head 5-Θ Β: 1200 Τ / Δ 18 Mavropigi (contract 2011.117 / LKDM, 2011-2012).

21. Design – supply and installation of a conveyor for the BY-PASS in the gypsum SILO of the desulphurisation system (contract of AIS M 6728.2010.049, 2011).

22. Transformation of A4 deposit branch (contract 2011.107 / LKDM, 2011).

23. Additional works to the ONP machine shop (contract 2010.116 / LKDM, 2010-2012).

24. Repair of paths and railings on the conveyor belts of the Amyntaio mine (contract 2010.119 / LKDM, 2010-2012).

25. Traffic stations (heads) and return stations (queues) of conveyor belts B = 2400 mm of the mines of southern field and Amyntaio (contract DMAOR 127A, 2010-2011).

26. 1.Reconstruction of node section 5 of the mine of the southern field (Phase A ‘). Interconnection of overhead excavators with the lignite complex. 2. Construction works on the lignite interconnection conveyors from the Kardias mine to the southern field mine (DMAOR contract 142, 2010).

27. Construction and erection of the iron construction for the reinforcement of the two horizontal longitudinal beams of the bearing tension of the P / T head of the T / D T12 of OP.Ka. (DMAOR Convention 10463 / 16.03.10, 2010).

28. Repair and construction of five (5) film bridges in T / D L5 of the lignite interconnection branch of OPKA – ONP in LKDM (contract DMAOR 5206640, 2010).

29. Reconstruction and construction of P / K head and along equipment T / D 12 width B = 1800mm in the mine Ypsilantis (contract DMAOR 5296621, 2009-2010).

30. Scaffolding bearing station of T / D 12 mine of Kardia field (DMAOR contract 139, 2009).

31. Modification, transfer and construction works of four (4) T / C film bridges on the T / D T50 conveyor belt of OPKA. (DMAOR contract 5296610, 2009).

32. Dismantling – conversion – transfer and construction of P / T head 17 at position T / D 713 southern field (contract DMAOR 135, 2009).

33. Transport, conversion and construction of P / T head T / D 17 B = 1200mm in the mine Ypsilantis (contract 2009.127 / LKDM, 2009).

34. Annual maintenance works of KRUPP 2300 & ETEKA 1760 excavators at ONP for the years 2008-2009 (contract 2008.077 / LKDM, 2008-2010).

35. Construction and erection of three (3) drive stations (heads) and three return stations (queues) of conveyor belts B = 2400 for the mine of the southwestern field (Ypsilantis) (DMAOR contract 5278628, 2008-2009).

36. Mechanical construction of 36m film bridges over the Soulou stream (DMAOR contract 5276612, 2007-2008).

37. Reconstruction, construction, erection of two promotional heads T / D Β = 1800mm and construction of additional equipment for a new node of the Kardia mine field – sector 6 of the lignite center of Western Macedonia (DMAOR 102 contract, 2006-2008).

38. Construction of film bridges and frames and construction of mechanical equipment T / D of the third deposition sub-sector (21,31,41,32) of the Mavropigi mine (DMAOR 65 contract, 2005-2007).

39. Construction and erection of reduced ash conveyor belts for B-1200 mm mine in the southern field (DMAOR 69 contract, 2005-2007).

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Jan. 2005 – Dec. 2020


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