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History & company presentation

A.Ekkentro is the progress of the activities of Koutsonanos Elias, Certified Electrical Engineer, who carries great experience in the area of construction and Chatzicharisis Dimitrios, mechanical engineer.

It was founded in the year 2006 in Kozani, West Macedonia, Greece.

The company was immediately established in its fields and has been rising steadily since its foundation. It owes this early establishment to its constant effort that is being given in executing accurately the projects that it undertakes, from every aspect, but also to its know-how, its experience and punctuality, its complete and contemporary mechanical equipment, and also to its crew that consists of permanent and experienced construction staff. The combination of all of the above allows the company to succeed in the excellent execution of the projects but also the quality of the outcome always within the contract time limits.

A.Ekkentro activities cover a wide range of the Construction field, especially on the Electromechanical Constuctions of Public and Private long scale Projects, like the Construction of Medium and Low Voltage Substations, Fire Alarm and Fire Detection systems, Metal Constructions, Mechanical and Electrical Erection of Belt-Conveyers, maintenance of Machinery, Engines, Substations etc.

The company is certified with ISO 9001:2008.